Stabilizing and reducing the quantity of waste consigned from any
general waste discharger, collector and transporter through
incineration plant or shredder, we have incineration capacity of
211.2 ton/day to treat each and every kind of general solid waste.



Holding loading equipment including trucks(arm-roll) and
tractor trucks for waste, we collect harmless waste to human body
except for designated waste such as acid, alkali, oil, organic
solvent, paint, lacquer, agricultural chemicals of waste from
a waste discharger and transport them to any intermediate treatment
business or final treatment business.


This business stabilizes designated waste by using treatment
facilities proper to the type and shape. NIT Co.
Ltd. treats diverse designated wastes with daily incinerating capacity of 52.8tons.
Collecting and transporting designated wastes influential to
environment and human body from the
establishment to the treatment facilities is the significant
linkage of waste treatment business. NIT Co. Ltd. has
liquid waste transporting vehicle (tank lorry, etc) which is
specially produced for the property of waste in order to
collect and transport diverse wastes from the discharging
establishment to the companies of intermediate and
final treatment.


The non-biodegradable waste water originated from each
companies due to industrial development is
collected and
transported to be properly treated so as to minimize
the 2
nd contamination. Further, this process contributes to
saving energy by using waste heat collected from the
incinerator in the process of evaporating and concentrating
waste water.