I esteem it an honor to meet you on this page.

NIT Co, Ltd., located in the Gunsan National Industrial Complex in Jeonbuk, has implemented
complete engineering and construction to contribute to establish a green nation by realizing
less and less polluted living environment as a specialized industrial waste incineration company.
We will make an enormous effort for fully incinerating industrial waste by resolute investment in all
the facilities regarding waste disposal in through incineration to secondary pollution prevention
as well as perfect construction.

Our country has prosperously developed and grown, such that we are capable of stately making
competition in the keen world market. On the other hand, as the dark side of such advanced
industry, the amount of waste has inevitably increased and the kind of waste has also been
diversified, thus proper waste treatment is rising as another issue in our industry.

By safely and completely treating waste with the state-of-the-art facilities and technology,
we, NIT, will focus our effort on environmental preservation, do our best to pass down
our beautiful nature to our descendants

In the new millennium, our mission is to make green society where nature and human beings
live together in comfortable environment.

Richer life and always green world, we, NIT, will realize!